Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Catch up

I've still been cooking and exploring my kitchen. Learning new things, cooking with new foods and new seasonings but not been posting. I've been busy with my 9 month old son. Hard to believe he's 9 months now. How time flies. I've just recently started to delve into the world of furniture restoration as well and I figure might as well put that stuff up here on the blog as well. I've done only one piece start to finish and that's the mirror that hangs in my living room. I'll be posting pictures shortly. I also have a second mirror that was donated to me by some wondermus friends of mine, Lesa & Scott (Thank you very much), that I have amazing plans for. That one will end up in my bedroom. Which thanks to some very cheap mis-tinted paint I'm going to finally be able to start working on decorating. My living room/dining room/kitchen all have some semblance of niceness, heck even my hall bathroom is more decorated than my bedroom. I figure I'm more willing to spend money in those other rooms because more people see them. But why not decorate our own inner sanctums? Is it just me or are others like this as well? I need to buy a little fabric but shouldn't be too costly. I've got plans to make a couple of pillows too.

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